October 5, 2004

Who flips off Santa?


Good stuff on Chip Rowe's revised web site, including the legal history of the finger, a professional critique of poems by Ally Sheedy and Charlie Sheen, an analysis of smut for sale on Amazon.com, and a list of things God told people to do.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Where did this photo come from and when was it taken? Does this not sum the man up perfectly? Then again, maybe he's an Apprentice fan.

Sorry, I thought it was obvious. It's photoshopped.

Activate sense of humor, Phyllis. Sheesh

HA HA! i find him amusing..The IDOIT of the Century! o well still can't believed people voted for this kind of man..weird..LOL!!


ps- i know this pic ain't true but like still..i wouldn't be suprised if he did that..LOL!! He can continue his idoitic act till the next election...HA HA imagine he gets voted again..that wouldn't be suprise tho..ROTFL!

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