October 5, 2004

Don't put the lipstick in your eye

News stories about sex ed books being pulled from library shelves are a dime a dozen. Sometimes I'm amused by the brainwashed kids who don't actually see anything wrong with the books their parents are trying to protect them from, but dutifully opine that other, younger kids need to be protected ("It's hilarious, but it's so wrong. Somebody's little sister might find it."). But even that's fairly common

What caught my eye in this particular story was this paraphrase of the angry mother's position: "She said there are several other books that can teach girls about menstruation and how to put on makeup, without discussing issues for which many young students might not be ready."

Just tart yourself up for the boys, honey. You'll learn why later.

Is this really the level of sex-ed that parents are comfortable with?

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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