October 1, 2004

Let's make it a conference call, shall we?

"My opponent says we didn't have any allies in this war. What's he say to Tony Blair? What's he say to Alexander Kwasniewski of Poland?" --George W. Bush

"They deceived us about the weapons of mass destruction, that's true. We were taken for a ride." --Alexander Kwasniewski

[via Hit & Run]

Hey, has anyone talked about how Bush always said "my opponent" while Kerry used "the president" or "President Bush"? (The most dismissive he got was "this president"). Normally the CW is that you try to diminish your opponent by not using his title, but maybe Kerry was trying to show that he takes the office seriously, and to come off as dignified compared with that nasty Bush.

Or maybe not.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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