September 28, 2004

It's a Ziggy

Scientists hoping "to learn why we think things are funny," are studying responses to New Yorker cartoons. Comments are open for your snide remarks.

Longtime readers will recall that I conducted my own survey of New Yorker cartoons a few years ago.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


They got a grant for this? I'll tell you for free. Humor, all humor, is rooted in pain.

Now where's my Ph.D.?

Frighteningly, I was going to post the exact same link with a similar punchline.

I think you're both generally correct, but a lot of the better absurdist comedy is not rooted in pain (think Steven Wright, Emo Philips and Steve Martin).

I draw cartoons, and would love feedback about my site, ReOdorant.


I think there IS pain in Steven Wright's and Emo Philips's comedy as well. You could find it in Steve Martin's too, if you have the time to look.

Since I have limited vision, I have a hard time seeing other people's work, but if you like those guys, you're OK by me.
Some people say I do cartoons. I just say that I intend puns for a living.

I am sure the arrow going through Steve Martin's head must have hurt.

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