September 23, 2004

I Heart Huckapoo


Looks like I owe everyone an apology. While I've been busy selfishly listening to Perfectly over and over again on my iPod, I've forgotten that Huckapoo belongs to the world, not just to me, and have neglected blogging some major developments on the Huckapoo front.

Fortunately, Alex Matt at Throwing Things has picked up the slack. We've always known that Huckapoo was about more than just the music (as if that wasn't enough). Now that Alex has done a trademark search, we know how much more. Word of advice, gals: "educational computer software and downloadable educational computer software for instructing children in school subjects," is all well and good, but make the "bubble bath" first. I feel dirty just thinking about it. And I think we can all join together in a prayer that they win the legal battle to make toy treasure chests.

Meanwhile, the Huckapoo web site has, believe it or not, only gotten better!

1. Watch the video for Crash the Party (I'm pretty sure the DJ is played by Brian J. Lukow).

2. Now she can be your paper doll, thanks to the animated peeks into the Huckapets' dressing rooms, where you can change their outfits and, um, make various furniture items blink on and off.

3. More importantly, each room has two songs by the girl who occupies it. From this we learn: Angel is the one who can actually sing; PJ should be taken out and shot, if not for her "rap" about "The Hill" then for butchering And Then He Kissed Me; Joey, while not a bad singer with the right material, has no business attempting what I imagine is supposed to be a punk cover of Doo Wah Diddy; I got nothing to say about Twiggy; The obvious factor about this band is nowhere more apparent than in Groovy Tuesday's choice of cover song (although, given the two ways they could have gone, this one is probably better).

4. OMG! Photo galleries!. Some highlights:

It's called choreography, beeyatch!

How'd they get this picture of me and PJ?

Tuesday is lovely even without her makeup.

Angel is hot even without her tattoo.

Remember, Joey, we can replace you with a small dog at any time.

Memo to PJ: We appreciate that you sew your own costume, but next time, don't use Gitmo orange.

And, just because I'm a traffic whore and I've seen the stuff that people search for: Twiggy Stardom upskirt!

That should hold everyone until October 8th. I'm not quite enough of a loser to actually pay for a ticket and be the creepy old guy in the audience, so I will not be attending. If anybody out there is, send me your report.

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Posted by Daniel Radosh


Hey--wrong thing thrower getting credited! The Huckapoo love must spread far and wide!

I hate to burst your bubble, but, Mr. Lukow is nowhere in that video (other than behind the scenes).
It's also good to see that you have dissolved the "skank" link that directed people to PJ's picture. It would be a true tragedy should your knees spontaneously erupt due to an errant bat swing.
No, I am not a parent, not related in anyway, but I do know the girls and will ardently defend any of them when necessary.
Sweet Dreams.
Cave canem.

Errant bat swing?! Is that you, Landesman?

Thanks for alerting me to the broken link. But your protectiveness, while admirable, is misplaced. As I've made abundantly clear, the skankiness, like the inappropriate porn star names and the dopey outfits, are all part of what make the Huckapoodles so charming. I mean them no disrespect.

I'll also admit that I made that comment when I'd only seen the garish publicity shots. In more candid pics, all the girls look like fairly pleasant kids.

And in any event, I'm given to believe that they like who they are, even if I don't.

I stand by my claim that Lukow is the DJ. Bill Burkett gave me memos to prove it.

errant bat swing? Wow! Isn't that a bit mean, considering Radosh will have to bend at the knees to take his "huckapoops" from time to time? I'm sure the girls wouldn't want Radosh to be in such huckapain! From what I hear they are really good girls who just like porn star names.

really radosh?? thats funny that u said you wouldnt pay money to buy a ticket?? because i saw you there....

You need a life radosh...you're a sick pervert who has way too much fukin time on his hands. what a looser

While I agree that PJ is the least talented of the bunch, and she can't sing a note to save her life, recommending that she be "shot" is a little excessive, don't you think?

Daniel -- yeah, that was really, really foul of me to say. I've said as much here and apologized personally to PJ -- and acknowledged that her rapping skills are better; she sounds a bit like those chicks from Northern State, don't you think?

More like a chipmunk on steroids ;)

Well have you heard Northern State?

Yes. White chicks can't rap!

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