September 21, 2004

Bright light! Bright light!


Now I've said before that anything Bush did or didn't do in 1972 is a loser as a campaign issue because voters have four years of his presidency on which to judge him. But that doesn't mean that the details that keep dribbling out aren't constantly entertaining. Take this anecdote from Russ Baker's exposť in The Nation.

The family that rented Bush a house in Montgomery, Alabama, during that period told me that Bush did extensive, inexplicable damage to their property, including smashing a chandelier, and that they unsuccessfully billed him twice for the damage--which amounted to approximately $900, a considerable sum in 1972. Two unconnected close friends and acquaintances of a well-known Montgomery socialite, now deceased, told me that the socialite in question told them that he and Bush had been partying that evening at the Montgomery Country Club, combining drinking with use of illicit drugs, and that Bush, complaining about the brightness, had climbed on a table and smashed the chandelier when the duo stopped at his home briefly so Bush could change clothes before they headed out again.

Climbed on a table? A real man woulda just shot the fucker.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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