September 20, 2004

As a wedding gift, I'll refrain from actually writing the story


Jake's heal Britney artwork reminded me of a short story I recently thought about writing. I now accept that I am too lazy and untalented to actually write a short story, but I still think the idea is kind of clever. The title and first sentence, which is as far as I got, is "Britney Spears imagines she is famous." It's the story of a poor white trash girl who likes to escape from her miserable life into a fantasy world in which she is the world's biggest pop star. The narration slips seemlessly back and forth between reality and fantasy. The sad joke is that our protaganist is so limited in her experience and imagination that even in her fantasy, instead of being truly glamorous, she's still living basically the same tacky life. She twists her ankle running for the bus and loses her job at Wal-Mart and she transforms it into an accident on a video shoot and a canceled tour; She dumps her ashtray out the window of her trailer and imagines that the act is caught by hordes of fascinated paparazzi; she spits her gum onto the street and in her mind, it's already selling for thousands of dollars on eBay.

Done right, I think it could be funny, but also touching. Of course, it could never really happen...

Mazel tov, Brit-Brit!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


That sounds like what a profile would be without the puffery.

This makes me want to laugh and, yet, depresses me at the same time. Great idea, though.

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