September 20, 2004

Next time, Snow White might be a safer choice

You remember Tigger, the Disney World employee acquitted of lascivious molestation. Well, he's back.

"Of course he was goofing around because he was Goofy!" Kaufman said, who added that the two Kodak employees shoved Chartrand back, as part of routine horseplay among cast members and greeters meant to entertain patrons.

"That's the joke about this," Kaufman said. "You're supposed to fool around, be animated. I knew for Michael it would tough for him to go back. I told him he would be a walking bull's-eye. Now, it's goofy gone wild.

"He just can't catch a break."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"Now, it's goofy gone wild."

THAT was an image I really, really, did not need.

I'm really disappointed this isn't transpiring at the California Disney.

Here in "Gullyvornyah," some state board or other runs these tv ads promoting CA agricultural products. The sell line of the ads is that by consuming more CA-grown produce in-state, we help keep the private and public sectors working. Ahnult makes an appearance in one ad, and the Gubernator insists that by buying in-state produce, we "help keep da teachahz teaching."

So, yes, I'm picturing an ad with Ahnult insisting that we "help keep da Goofy goofing."

Yes, too much setup for too little payoff, but I had to do something to drive out the "Goofy gone wild" imagery ...

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