September 8, 2004

Though he missed an opportunity for a "unit cohesion" joke

Gay American has been asked to "report for duty" for the Kerry campaign -- but he's just a little nervous about getting shot.

This emphasis on the military in a call for volunteers is jarring given that in June John Kerry told the 'Army Times' magazine that he was not sure that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" should be abolished... Im not going to sit there and tell you that if you had six cracker-jack people who had all kinds of experience and one person [came out as gay] and the unit went crazy -- that Im going to junk all five of them, the Globe quoted Kerry as saying. Id be a liar if I told you that. Its just not practical. If you put three people in a small boat and send them up the river at night and they hate each other, somebody might be kind of nervous as to where a gun might be pointed. ...

I have not yet responded to Kerry's call for me to report to duty. I want to first find out if it is possible that anyone might "go crazy" over my serving in his campaign, and of course whether or not there are any guns involved.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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