September 8, 2004

Beaten to a pulp


During my career, I've crossed paths a couple of times with internet entrepreneur/hardboiled crime writer Charles Ardai. Looks like Ardai's good side finally conquered his evil one (either that or his evil side made enough money to finance his good one) because he's just launched Hard Case Crime a publishing venture dedicated to reviving pulp crime fiction, with a combination of reissued classics and new tales in the classic style, all packaged in affordable ($6.99) editions with glorious new painted covers.

The book pictured above is Ardai's own debut novel, and while I've only read one chapter, I can vouch for it based on this sentence alone: "In her photo, Mandy was cradling breasts some mad doctor had built for her out of equal measures of silicone and cruelty."

My only beef: They've overlooked my own contribution to the genre, Hit Me, My Lovely: A Mystery Incorporating the Fifty Most Popular Internet Search Terms of the Past Year.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I love his anagrammed pseudonym -- or should I say "aleas"?

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