September 2, 2004

And now for my big finish... hey, where's everybody going?

I've got two items in the final issue of New York magazine's convention daily. First up, Meet the Press, a look at how High Times, Hustler, YM, and US Weekly are covering the convention.

Then another think piece. George and the Jungle: The Republicans are Leaving New Yorkers with Unexpected Emotion: Envy.

I'm pretty happy about how this one turned out, but I do think my original ending was stronger. Go read the whole thing, then click "More" for my preferred kicker.

Original last graf:

And we wish those empty spaces in the downtown sky were buildings missing only from photographs, reminders of something we only saw on television. We wish that grim construction site was a place to visit only when were prepared to reflect and pay tribute — somewhere to go on pilgrimage, not to pass by when we just want to buy something at J&R or pick up our kids up at Stuyvesant.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I so like your writing. Nice work.

I could go either way on the kicker. The original has more poignance at its heart, but it gets a little convoluted syntactically, and may end up with a net loss in terms of impact.

Loved this quote in the other piece.

"I think it behooves Dreier to address that issue head on—and I think the Republicans know what Im talking about."

Heh. Subtle!

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