September 1, 2004

On the plus side, I got to say "lady robot"

It was nice of the folks over at New York magazine's daily edition to make up for spiking my column yesterday by giving me the lead feature in today's edition.

The problem is that they've apparently decided that the little humor thing that I do isn't really right for them after all. They wanted a more traditional opinion/think-piece, the kind of thing that I don't have much interest in and that plenty of people do much better than me. And the basic concept wasn't even one I came up with.

Still, having already agreed to write something every day, I gave it my best shot. They gave it the headline Girlie Men Need Not Apply, which give me an excuse to sound off here on Arnold's "Don't be economic girlie men" soundbite: IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE!

Personally I never found the girlie men joke funny, but at least I get why it's a joke in the proper context. But in the speech last night, it was completely misused. Girlie men implies weakness and cowardice not pessimism. People laughed at this not because it was funny, but because they're conditioned to laugh at certain lines (and they were laughing because Arnold was showing that he still dares to use the phrase, even though some pansies criticized him for having done so before.) But it's not even his line to begin with. It was just so fucking lame.

Frankly, I think it would have been a lot funnier if he'd said "Fuck you, asshole."

Also, if it wouldn't be political suicide (I mean, even worse than what he's already done) to attack Arnold Schwarzenegger, I think Kerry could score some points by telling working class audiences, "You're struggling, working two jobs, trying to make ends meet, but when you say it's just too hard, that you need a fair shake, the Republicans call you girlie men."

Oh yeah, one more thing about my column. It's a little unfortunate that I identify Arnold as virtually the only Republican "who isnít already being handicapped as a 2008 presidential candidate" when the same magazine is literally handicapping him as a 2008 presidential candidate.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


150-1?!? Will somebody please shove a copy of the U.S. Constitution under the nose of whoever thought to write that? (Or was amending the Constitution already figured into the numbers? Somehow, I don't think so.)

Arnold Schwarzennegger, the Governor of California, married to a Kennedy, speaking at the Republican National Convention of economics and "girlie men". This is something that is supposed to make sense?


Obviously I am not taking enough drugs.

yeah... watching this convention is a bit like watching a parady of a convention starring made for tv actors...errr...or should i say arnold schwartzennegger. yeah.

You are so right.

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