August 30, 2004

Fair and -- ooh, balloons!

George Pataki and Mike Bloomberg faced some tough questions from Fox News Channel's Rita Cosby this weekend in preparation for the GOP convention. A few samples:

"You're going to be introducing the president on Thursday night. Are you getting excited about that?"

"This is just the start of just what going to be a fun week for all of you."

"Have fun at the party. We're jealous. We wish we were there. "

"I'm jealous. I wish I was there at the party. It looks like it's fun."

"And real quickly, what are you looking forward to most this week on a positive note?"

Posted by Daniel Radosh


My goodness! Imagine if Dick Cheney was put through such a rigorous grilling. I don't think his heart could take it. Even Rumsfeld would be forced to reconsider his recommendation that prisoners not be limited to standing for only 4 hours.

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