August 19, 2004

What is this, Europe?


Believe it or not, I'm off for another vacation. Be back on Sunday, Aug. 29th, just in time to start blogging on the GOP convention -- which I'll also be writing about for New York magazine.

Once again, if you're looking for blogging excitement in my absence, I recommend you check out the fine sites over there on the right. In our C-span blogging panel, Jeff used a painfully bad metaphor about arms and elbows or something to argue that the real action on the Interweb takes place on the lesser-known sites. Here are a few I really dig that you may not be so familiar with:

Heaneyland! Encyclopedia Hanasiana Drew's Blog-o-rama

Explanada Functional Ambivalent

OttyHotties Sensible Erection Perv Scan (SFW)

And so on.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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