August 17, 2004

Revealed: Huckapoo's parents originally gave them entirely different pornstar names

I finally found a full-size version of the photo that originally piqued my curiosity about alltimebest band Huckapoo (sorry about the watermark).


But what's really of interest -- admit it, you're interested -- is that the captions for these images from the New York Times wire service reveal our girls' real names (and ages)! Cheesy synthesized drumroll please...

PJ Bardot -- Brooke Mori (13)
Angel Sparks -- Britney Segal (14)
Joey Thunders -- Lindsay Nyman (14)
Twiggy Stardom -- Brittany Lahm (15)
Groovy Tuesday -- Jordan Price

You have to feel bad for the gals' parents. They go out of their way to give their children names that are already perfect for a girl group, and the ingrates go and change 'em anyway.

Sadly, there are no shots of personal fave Groovy Tuesday, so her given name remains a mystery (though I'm gonna guess Britnee). See comments.

Noted: Angel hails from Jericho, Long Island.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The Times article you previously linked gave Groovy's name:
..."said Jordan Price, who goes by the name Groovy Tuesday in the group."

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