August 17, 2004

Also, putting the words "Asian Sex" on the site brings in even more traffic than an appearance on C-span


I just discovered [via Fark] Asian Sex Gazette. It looks to be a worthy (and work safe) addition to my little blogroll of sites about sex news and culture, of which there are fewer than you'd think.

But then I noticed that this entry about Japanese sex game shows was simply lifted, uncredited, from Fleshbot. The only words ASG added were, ironically, its copyright claim. In fact, a quick poke (heh) finds that none of ASG's articles carry attribution or outside links, a major violation of blogger etiquette.

So now I'm torn. I don't want to reward bad behavior, but I do like the site. Should I blogroll it? Maybe I'll contact them and see how they reply.

I was going to link up an "ASG article" (which Google reveals is actually from

Update: ASG editor William Sparrow replies.

I really appreciate you contacting us in this regard and you can rest
assured that we are struggling with this issue here too. We do always
credit the writer when this information is known. And in some - if not
many - of the cases you describe as "lifted" content, I would say that is a
product of a newswire media environment.

Finally, you are correct then with the remaining materials that they
have been lifted and not credited. I have several interns working to go
backwards and correct these copyright notices as appropriate (it will be
arduous mind you). In the future we will provide a copyright reference to
the original publisher, and an UNlinked link to the original source. This
issue is one that we grappled with as including a "live" can cause a
problem. Search engines down grade publishers if they have many 404 links
externally - this was/is something we are trying to avoid.

I think if they actually do this, it would be good enough for me, though not optimal. It probably would not be good enough for the major publications whose material gets lifted, but they can sic their lawyers if they feel like it.

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