August 13, 2004

Opening ceremony this!

The blogasm panel on which I served with Jeff Jarvis, Geraldine Sealey, and Bryan "That's Exactly Right" Keefer will air tonight (Friday) on CSPAN at "about" 8:40pm ET, 11:40pm ET & 5:30am ET. I think it ran for about an hour and a half but leave a little extra room on your manual record just in case. You don't want to miss the Q&A period in which Crazy Guy asks if Bush is going to ship bloggers to Gitmo for thought crime and if blogs will ever be written by robots. That I actually attempted to answer the questions made me understand why people talk to Ali G.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I just caught that piece...actually that's how I found out about this site/blog...could you tell me the name of some of those sites/blogs people were throwing around in those conversations with you? I heard names like Slashdot and Technorody..?? Thanks

I ran across the program while cruising. A few days earlier I had heard Chris Mathews hype some show on the web with blogger in the title. That was the first time I heard the word. Then tonight, when I heard it again, I bagan to pay attention.

Well, all I can say about the C-Span broadcast is:

Bryan was NOT exactly right; Geraldine should seriously cut down on the "you knows"; you, Mr "Radish", appear to be painfully uninformed about female bloggers; and JEFF JARVIS came out smelling like a rose!!

I know he's elderly and grey-bearded and a liberal with changing views.

BUT that shows, at least, that he "ain't" dead.

About the rest of "yous, I'm not "Saussure".


I think you were absolutely right, a blog world without posts about Lindsey Lohan's boobs isn't a blog world that I would want to be a part of either. You did a good job, Mr. Radosh!

Oh man, I turned the TV off just as Crazy Guy started into his example. If I had realized he was crazy, I would've stuck around.

Ditto, Otty! Men can't seem to separate politics and sex.....hmmmmm, you know who got in big trouble doing just that! We elected him President but he actually had a desk job ;-)

Now, the marriage team who gets an A+ is Mary Matalin and James Carville. Talk about opposites attracting!

I saw the last hour of the c-span show Saturday morn and thought you would NEVER explain the new lingo...thanks! Nice job!

It was an interesting clip when I watched it. Except for that last guy in the end asking the "echelon" question which he just rambled too much.

Saw it, the 11:30 showing, by happy accident. I copied all four urls. I'll be back (ungubernatorially)

Good job on C-SPAN. I wrote down the speakers' blog URL's and that's how I found your site. I think you guys were right on target about the blogging world - especially Jeff Jarvis' point about how blogs are acting as a kind of feedback loop to the media, and you're point to the crazy guy that blogging can't be controlled.

Excellent job on C-SPAN. I enjoyed what everyone had to say.

You'll notice in the playback that while "Crazy GuY" is asking his question, there is a fella in the foreground of the frame trying REAL hard not to loose it. He looks like he's "coughing" a second later, but I wasn't buying it.

Outstanding discussion, particularly for this uninformed member of the being-washed masses. As a high school AP U.S. Government and Politics teacher I would like to know how a blog site or use of the technology could be used to stimulate students' interest in politics. I would like to open that discussion.



1)I'd sit down with the Computer Teacher and ask to set up a system where he teaches ftp, chmod and etc., by uploading a blog script to some hosting.

2)Talk to some internet provider about giving hosting for the blogs because they could write it off as a tax break. 100 accounts @ $10/mo for 9 months = $9,000 tax break.

3)Then when they have assignments in your class, you could have weekly writing assignments on a list of current political news events and grade them accordingly, or make it a extra credit project.

4) I'd even go as far as making a High School Political Science Bloggers directory and try to peak other Government teachers into the idea.

That's all I can come up with...

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