August 10, 2004

We really, really don't blame you

To add insult to the whole insulting premise, they're charging 12 bucks for this fiasco (though it could be worse: despite Choire's scurrilous charge, the word "merits" appears nowhere in our mandate).

And yet, I find it hard to take seriously the charge self-aggrandizement from anyone with the title Editorial Director. I, for one, welcome our new busty overlords.

Update: Is Jessica Gawker (formerly Foxy Jess, obvs) as cute as they say? I've got the exclusive pix.

jessicagawker2.jpg jessicagawker.jpg

OK, for all I know lots of people have photos of Jessica Coen. Maybe even these exact ones. But I ferretted them out using a little known site called Google, confirmed to my satisfaction that it's the same Jessica Coen. And now I'm gonna post 'em. Close enough for blogging.

Tell you one thing, I sure hope this is her. It took several gin gimlets to make Sicha look half this attractive in my eyes.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


So Gawker calls you out for being self-aggrandizing and then you name/drop flirt with him for three paragraphs. Lame.

But that's the point, isn't it? Calling a blogger self-aggrandizing is just plain redundant.

Oh come off it--the showoffy posts to Okrent, Wonkette, and the rest, I'll give you credit for making a place for your self even though you came so late to the party...

Saw you speak last night - mostly because Campaign desk is an invaluable site. Was very impressed, will definitely be visiting your site in the future...

Why is everyone named "Anon" such an asshole? I guess it's an unlucky thing to name your child.

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