July 20, 2004

Personally, I think anyone who uses chat rooms for ANY reason deserves the worst

Almost a year ago I posted about funny sex chat pranksters, casually throwing in an aside about Perverted Justice, which I described as "walking that fine line between pranking and entrapment."

But according to this scary new article in the Phoenix New Times, PJ doesn't walk lines at all -- it obliterates them, with chilling results for people who, while arguably sickos, aren't by and large harmful or likely to commit crimes IRL. [via Obscure Store]

What makes PJ's fascist tactics all the more unappetizing is that -- as I suggested in my initial post on the subject -- they're clearly enjoying their little underage sex games every bit as much as their victims are. They're not just thugs, they're hypocrites.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I know the guy who does "Amber Forever." I'll have to see if he's read about this. It goes way beyond the kind of thing he does. He treats it as an improv exercise, not a lynching.

I realizing I am dredging up a very old topic but I saw this miserable show on TV last night and to ask this question:

Isn't the justification for this show that if they did not do this, real underage females would be hooking up with adult males that met in chatrooms?

But does this really happen? Ever? Could it be like poisoned halloween candy (which never actually happens)?

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