July 20, 2004

Bad for the Jews. Not France bad, but bad nonetheless.

Just days after I finally got around to expressing my enthusiasm for Fiddish, the blog that Steven I. Weiss created for The Forward, mercurial Forward editor J.J. Goldberg fired Weiss for mysterious reasons.

Weiss is too good a blogger to stay quiet for long, but fie on Goldberg and The Forward for pulling the plug on a blog that matched anything Denton has done for accelerating to top speed so quickly out of the gate.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


He appears to have surfaced at Iatribe.

Thanks, I actually meant to link that in my post under "fired" instead of Protocols. Iatribe is SIW's spottily-updated personal blog. It's not bad, but I'm still hoping for something more meaty and outward-looking, like Fiddish.

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