July 6, 2004

Revealed: F911 was almost more heavy-handed!

There's a rumor going around that portions of Fahrenheit 9/11 were "censored" between the film's initial limited release and its wider release a few days later. I'm doubtful. Even if what this guy says is true regarding his first and second (and third) viewings, my guess is that any changes were last-minute tweaks for cinematic purposes by Moore himself, and not the result of any right-wing pressure -- but then, what else do you expect a Michael Moore fan to think? Anyway, here's the e-mail that's circulating. Let me know if you know anything about this, or if you also saw the version of the film this guy claims to.

From: George Main
Date: July 5, 2020 11:12:48 AM PDT
To: VFP Sacramento
Cc: mike@michaelmoore.com
Subject: Censorship at the Movies

I just saw my third showing of Fahrenheit 911. I saw it on a comp ticket from Sacramento Century 14 Stadium to determine if the movie had been censored since it opened on June 25th.

I attended the 10:20 showing opening night without my wife because we couldn't get child care. I couldn't discuss the movie with her because we were going to see it together. That was on Thursday, July 1st.

Something wasn't right with the movie. Republican cursing was absent from the opening segments. I thought maybe it was later or I filled it in. I remember when I left the theater that the R rating was ironically Republican foul mouths and violence from the reality of war. But the Saudi execution of four men on Christmas Day was so vivid when the first guy in line took two strokes to sever his head. That scene was so haunting when you thought about their crime, homosexuality.

Thursday's showing did not have Michael Moore's audio track mentioning either the Christmas execution or their crimes that merited beheading.

I spoke to Benny, the manager, and he assured me that they would not censor a film. They had two copies and maybe there was a problem with the 2nd copy. I was offered two comp tickets on Saturday so that I could again see the copy from the Friday opening. I opted for the 10:20 showing so that all things would be equal.

My wife did not want to see the movie a second time (her first close up of war). I took Kate XXXXX, VFP Chapter 87, Secretary/Treasurer.

The execution scene did not mention Christmas or the crime of homosexuality. The scene did not have an audio overlay.

I went again to see the manager and spoke to Alex. He had seen the movie after the opening and did not remember hearing anything about why the men were executed. I gave him my VFP card and told him to let Benny know that I was going to take action. With the Internet and media I would organize something.

I offered Alex my hand and promised him the theater would be hearing from me. He shook my hand for the longest time. I've played enough poker to know a tell. I have publicly stated "I will neither confirm nor deny..."enough times to appreciate Alex's position.

I need your help. Did you see the movie opening night or in another theater? Do you recall Michael Moore stating the crime the four Saudis were being executed for? Can we open a dialogue and see where our conversation takes us?

Is this intended to avoid further alienation of the Log Cabin Republican vote? Is Fahrenheit 911 more powerful than we imagine or Mr. Moore hoped? No matter how much slime Bush wipes away isn't he still slime?

Please circulate this and open a discussion.

George Main, President
Sacramento Chapter 87
Veterans For Peace, Inc.

So there you have it. I'm sure the version I saw didn't have any explanation for the execution (or nearly enough cursing). I'm not sure George Main (I almost obscured his name, but he says he wants his message circulated) really saw anything different, considering his loose grasp of reality: 1) he seems to think a manager at a multiplex could or would alter a film and 2) he is apparently writing from 16 years in the future.

I suppose someone should also ask Mr. Main if he often hears voiceovers about homosexuality that other people don't hear, and if these voiceovers make him do dirty, shameful things.

[Thanks to Jake]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I saw the movie opening night (i.e. June 25, not June 23) and recall nothing about the execution being related to homosexuality.

Also, I tried to post this comment from the complete blog entry page, but the Post button wouldn't show. [Ed: if anyone else is having this problem, click here]

I saw the 1pm showing on the Friday it came out and it never said anything about homosexuality. I also have a pirated copy i downloaded which didnt say anything about it either...

I saw this movie the first showing of the day on opening day at a theatre that had it showing in two theatres. I do not remember hearing any mention of the beheading having anything to do with homosexuality. I did hear that Moore was making last minute changes to the movie however.

I saw the film opening night in Cleveland, no reason was given for the Saudi beheadings

I saw the movie opening night in Boston. In the version I saw, no explanation was given for the beheading. However, you don't hear phrases like "I know a tell" nearly enough in the peace movement, so I'm ready to give George the benefit of the doubt in the hope we can transform this debate into one about the time a couple of goons put the chiv to some nances.

I saw the movie at midnight on the opening day, and I definitely don't remember anything about why those men were being beheaded, and I don't remember anything about Republican cursing, either.

You are all idiots.

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