June 29, 2004

Pre-Suicide Girl

As expected, it looks like Jim Carrey's tone-deaf mugging, a word which here means The Grinch 2, is going to sink A Series of Unfortunate Events

But just how much am I in love with Violet?


Grambo can keep his Byneses and Olsenses. This is like Wednesday or Lydia all over again. Sigh.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


bynes has ten times the buzz of this so-called babe! huzzah!

Chipper 'n wholesome is out, teenstarletwise. Gloomy is back, baby! You read it here first.

And you really need to watch the trailer to get the full gotholescent goodness.

It's as though Angelina Jolie and Karen O had a sulky Eurasian adolescent daughter--huzzah!

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