June 29, 2004

Next up, convincing Defamer that a couple of lousy implants do not make Lindsay Lohan a fembot

For a seemingly tough chick, Ana Marie Wonkette sure folds easy in the face of assertive geekdom. Earlier today I sent an e-mail challenging her claim that Laura Bush looks like "an animatronic clone."

"After botching the Jeri Ryan reference," quoth I, "I think you'd want to be more careful about tripping up with us sci-fi geeks. Animatronics is a technology for animating non-living puppets. A clone is a living copy of another creature. By definition, nothing, not even Laura Bush, can be an animatronic clone."

Within the hour, the line had been changed to animatronic replica."

Think we can get her to make that "replicant"?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


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