June 28, 2004

I'm Sean Hannity, and I approved this book

Kevin Shay spotted an unusual credit on the audiobook of Hannity's Deliver Us From Evil.

Check out the bottom line. Maybe Hannity readers are just dumb enough to need that whole "author" thing explained to them.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Oh, but doesn't he look Dashing. Wow, written AND read, it must be good.

That doesn't mean "read aloud," by the way. Just that Hannity has in fact read his own book at one time or another.

Really, thank God. The number of authors in the world who don't read their own work is apalling.

Actually, it's a CD. The "read" part means that he's reading it on the CD, as opposed to having someone else's voice...

So you're saying Sean Hannity has someone else's voice? Thanks for clearing that up.

No, I think he's saying that Sean Hannity is actually a computer or some other form of electronic device that has the ability to "read" a CD. That would explain a lot (about how to incorporate CD drives into android prototypes).

Wow, so many brain cells and so few used... Must be a slow news day.

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