June 18, 2004

Better than Tom Green

The problem with magazine covers that use too many exclamation points everywhere! is that you learn to tune them out, resulting in occasional confusion. When I first this cover I swear I thought it was all one story.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


"Drew to wed" is the only part I can make out. But that sounds important! Please!! Tell me what the rest says!!! I'm vision impaired!!!!

I saw this in the stands yesterday and had exactly the same reaction.

Ditto me on this.

You're not alone -- CBS Marketwatch did a story on this:

"It comes across as intellectual laziness, at worst. Magazines would better serve their readers by answering, not asking, questions."

(Musta been a slow news day. Or, a slow news day!)

(I should have noted that the story was about too many questions/exclamation points on magazine covers, not about the way they confuse the whole issue.)

When you first did what to the cover, Dan? Please, fill us in.

If you people think I have time to write every word of every sentence, you don't know my busy schedule.

True. After all, you left out at least four or five "fuckin'"s in that response alone!

Jesse's an idiot. Obviously, the missing word in the original post is...wait, "frottage" can be used as a transitive verb, right?

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