June 1, 2004

Eyes on your own paper

Kevin Shay, fighting his way through more depressing stories about the state of Iraq than I care to read, stumbled on what appears to be a writer for the Independent taking a shortcut. Is it plagiarism, coincidence, or something in between? You make the call.

"Baghdad's boulevards are lined with trash. Geysers of sewage erupt in even the wealthiest neighborhoods of the capital. Unemployment is epidemic nationwide." --Nicholas Riccardi, L.A. Times, June 1

"Baghdad's streets are strewn with rubbish; geysers of sewage erupt in the wealthiest parts of town and, at times, you can find yourself driving in a three-inch pool of raw sewage. There are few enough signs of reconstruction, despite the $18bn (nearly 10bn) President George Bush has pledged. Unemployment is rampant..." --Justin Huggler, London Independent, June 2

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Is the date an accurate indication that Huggler stole from Riccardi, and not vice versa?
It looks to me like Huggler was slower to post his story, because he got stuck in that 3 inch raw sewage. Not to mention that it takes time to figure out how much $18billion is in pounds.

I know Mr Huggler from my school days, and I can testify that his character is of the highest moral calibre. Mr Huggler is a true Englishman. I cannot testify for Riccardi, who appears to be an American of Italian descent.

There is of course another possiblity: both men were working from the same pool report.

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