May 14, 2004

What did you think they meant by "the plastics"?

For the past week and a half, I've been getting boffo traffic from Defamer readers apparently hoping to find themselves some Lohanboobies. Even if you do manage to find the original post, I expect you'll be somewhat disappointed. Blah, indeed. So here's an actual Lindsay Lohan breast-themed post for you: incontrovertible evidence that our girl has gotten implants in the form of revealing before and after pictures!

lptdb055.jpg lindsay_large_implants.jpg

If that doesn't quite convince you, check out this week's Star, which has a slightly more recent before pic.

C'mon, what more do you want?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It's so tragic, really. I can't believe our government, I can't believe the media, I can't believe Dr. Atkins, and the last thing I had an ounce of faith in was Lindsay Lohan's boobies.

Now that's gone, too. I guess you have to learn at some point that there's no tooth fairy, but it's still incredibly painful when you do. This is truly the day the music died.

lol the music didn't die.. the porno music started up...!
lets not get mad that mean-girls have mean titties now too to match their attitudes ;)

Such a shame. This warrants a complete demotion. She is now relegated to "skank land" with Paris and Britney.

The upper echelon now has an empty spot available - who will now keep Rachel Weisz and Elisha Cuthbert company at the top (among others, feel free to name many more)?

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