May 14, 2004

Four on the floor

1. Update: Earlier I posted a link to a fabulous 80s Tarot deck that someone created along with images of two sample cards. The artist, who is apparently unfamiliar with the nature of the Internet, has requested that I remove these images, noting that they are copyrighted. While I'm clearly protected by fair use doctrine here (which she ought to know as every one of her cards incorporates a copyrighted image), she did say please, and, frankly, if she doesn't want people knowing about her site, I guess that's up to her.

2. The figures were already outdated by the time the cops took down the signs.

3. Playboy's lament: "We can't even get Tara Reid to pose!"

4. If I say me too to this does that defeat the purpose?

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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