May 6, 2004

It's better than "songs you want played at your funeral"


After encouraging users to upload their own playlists — excuse me, "iMixes" — Apple's iTunes music store rejected the fairly obvious entry, One to Tango: Songs with a masturbation theme. "Obscene, objectionable or in poor taste," said the form letter.

I suppose that's their right, but what's funny is that iTunes is happy to sell all the songs on this mix individually, so the songs themselves are apparently not inherently obscene, objectionable or in poor taste. Perhaps the only thing this guy did wrong was alerting unsuspecting listeners to the meaning of these songs, because I'm sure lots of people never really figured out what "I Touch Myself" is about. Would his iMix would have been OK without the subtitle? Or do the songs only become O/O/PT when they are grouped together? Perhaps if he'd made 15 separate single-song playlists, Apple would have accepted it? If anyone wants to try submitting variations on this theme to see what gets past the censors, keep me posted.

[via Fleshbot]

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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