May 3, 2004

If you can't expect fair play from a book called Sue Me, Asshole, where can you expect it from?

Fair Use Press has a new book of letters from Arnold Schwarzenegger's lawyer about some unauthorized bobblehead doll. The cover illustration will be familiar (very familiar) to Radosh.net readers... but wait.

The ad copy for the book overflows with references to the diminutive nature of the governor's, shall we say, cock. "Help expose Arnold Schwarzenegger for what he really is: A big bully with a tiny, little penis," for example.

That's maybe funny. And definitely mean. But while there's some debate over whether it's true or not, they've stacked the deck by photoshopping the picture to make the penis in question look smaller than it really is.

We know, we know. Sue them, asshole.

[via Wonkette.]

Update: For nearly nine months now I had believed (with an excedingly lame amount of pride) that I was the first person to blog that photo of Arnold's wang. Today I learned that Girlygirl beat me to it by a full 14 hours and 10 minutes. What's more, her thoughts about the Spy article it accompanied were remarkably similar to my own. If somebody else broke the Peter Landesman story, I don't wanna hear about it.

Update: La! LA! LA! I'm not listening!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Yep. I Photoshortened it. It's part of the gag.

That alteration is noted in the book, right up top in the "About Arnold's Penis" section. But I do intentionally not mention it in the sales copy. My hope is that it will cause Arnold more emotional distress that way.

As you point out, Arnold can sue me if he wants for misrepresenting his penis. I'd welcome such a lawsuit.

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