April 30, 2004

Really, both sides make a good point

On the one hand, you have "Slovenia, Poster Child for the New Europe: Xenophobic, protectionist, and on the verge of economic decline." But on the other hand, you have this.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


what about Melanis Knauss! The most IMPORTANT Slovenian export. She's the new black, I tell ya.

Bah, she pulls the same trick out of her hat every time. She already wore that one to my prom. Precious, precious prom photos...

Omigod, Ron, I was about to scream about Melanie Knauss -- thank god you were here before me. And doesn't just the NAME Slovenia sound dirty and delicious? Bosnia, Latvia and Bratislava are SO the ugly old pock-marked sisters.

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