April 30, 2004

Like anyone reads Travel & Leisure for the articles


It's not like me to miss an opportunity for self-promotion, but somehow, the March issue of Travel & Leisure came and went without a mention from this site about my brief item on the world's poshest whorehouse.

The funny thing about this article is that after assigning it, the editor got nervous about seeming to endorse prostitution, so I had to actually play down the fact that I was writing about a brothel, which is hard to do when you're writing about a brothel. It turned out fine, but I think it is just a little bit unclear what the point of this story is until about halfway through.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"...we suggest you confirm all details and prices directly with the service establishments before making travel plans."

I should say so. The article doesn't say anything about what's included in that hourly fee.

Well, let me check my notes here. According to Lisa Williams, "That’s for the room and the sex — one lady, full service, full sex — for access to the mini bar, a spa. We’ve had people who have booked the whole place up for hours and spent thousands." Indeed, again according to the PR flak, the average visitor stays three hours — four times the typical stay at less style-conscious
brothels. Still, it's a pretty good deal if this is your thing. Check out the gallery on the Stiletto web site. These ain't crack whores.

You just know the mini-bar access is what drives the price sky-high.

I should hope not, 3 hours with a crack ho is jejeune

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