April 28, 2004

At last, a fetish that disturbs even me


Fleshbot makes no mention of it, but isn't the most pertinent thing about this girl not the champagne (or the nipples) but rather the tracheotomy scar? Is that supposed to be hot? And if so, where are the earlier photos with the ballpoint pen still sticking out of her neck? (NSFW)

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Actually, this is less a direct fetish than an incidental one. Apparently, after that recent HIV scare, The Industry is instituting all sorts of medical safeguards -- including, among other things, requiring a preemptive trach & breathing tube before and during any double-penetration oral scene.

The attendant fetishization of the resulting scar is really more of a secondary kink, a sort of porn-wonk fetish (like the brief glimpse of Brian de Palma in the mirror during the "Relax" sequence in BODY DOUBLE).

Preemptive tracheotomies for porn? Somehow that's even creepier.

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