April 19, 2004

No, wait! A guide to explaining the story to your kids!

When I worked at Modern Humorist we had an imaginary mascot called The Hack Parrot, who would sit on your shoulder and squawk, "hack! hack!" whenever you had an idea for a high concept humor piece that was equal parts obvious and irresistable. (The noisy parrot rarely stopped us from going ahead with the idea).

I don't have time to write anything today, but the parrot is currently digging his claws into me over this: "Seymore Butts’ xXxposed Entertainment, a national exotic entertainment company, announced Friday there are opportunities available for adult performers to supplement their income during the moratorium on production."

On a serious note, I have to agree with Lara Roxx that, "We should think about these issues right now, to change stuff around to make this a safer fuckin’ business." (Or did she mean a safer fucking business?). How about an independent commission, you know, like Washington does. To show they're serious, they could make Luke Ford the first appointee.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


So long as it's a bi-partisan independent commission!

(And fetishists, like Naderites, would be structurally excluded from the proceedings.)

I was thinking Bill Margold as a counterweight. There may even be a reality show in it.

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