April 19, 2004

I heard he's gay

An outfit called The World Entertainment News Network syndicates gossip items that get picked up all over. The content varies from juicy dirt (dirty juice?) to thinly-veiled promos, but what it has in common is that none of it is even remotely reliable.

Still, it's rare to find two items in the same day's package that completely contradict each other the way these do.

FARRELL GIVES UP GIRLS Movie hunk Colin Farrell is dispensing with his lothario reputation -- in a bid to put all his energies into caring for baby son James. ... A source says, "Colin is inundated with women throwing themselves at him. But he's putting his romances with lusty ladies on hold." ...

Colin Farrell's attempts to seduce Thai soap star Orravin Ngernyuang failed, because she wasn't prepared to succumb to his wooing techniques. ... Ngernyuang claims Farrell joined her and some friends one night at the Q bar in Bangkok and kept telling her how "sweet and tiny" she is, before trying to take their connection one step further.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Maybe those 2 items were a cause and effect thing? Maybe, after being rebuffed he decided:"Fine! I'm giving up women. I'll focus my attention on my son. He's sweet, and he's even tinier!" Maybe there're more important things I could do than focus my attention on people I've never heard of...

I'm going to guess this was just poor timing on the part of Orravin Ngernyuang's publicist - they should have called Colin's publicist to see if he was 'cleaning up his act,' and maybe associated Ms. Ngernyuang with Sean Lennon, David Beckham, Ethan Hawke or some other cad.

I used to work for WENN, and I would say your analysis is correct. Lenient, even.

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