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April 13, 2004

They'd still be better than the softballs he'll actually get

Daniel Radosh


At least nine of Joe Doble's 13 questions for Bush are designed to do nothing more than force the president to admit he's a bad, bad boy. "What do you say to the families of victims of 9/11 who wonder why not a single official has been fired?" "Are you willing to say now that you were wrong [about WMD]? If so, can you explain why you were wrong?" "What do you say to the families of the more than 600 Americans killed and 3,000 wounded in Iraq?"

I understand the emotion behind these questions. I'd love to bitch slap Bush a little myself. But when you think about it, what possible answers can he give that would be satisfying, much less helpful to improving the current situation? The press conference tonight is an important opportunity for the media to help the rest of us understand what the fuck is going on here. That means cheap shots will be just as inappropriate as the "starstruck" reception Bush got the last time around. Instead, what's needed is tough questions aimed at eliciting actual information.

Doble has exactly one of those, and I hope someone asks it: "On Sunday, April 11, when asked by Tim Russert which Iraqi leaders the U.S. planned to turn the government over to on June 30, Paul Bremer said, 'That's a good question.' What is your answer to that question?"


How about, "will you go on record as saying that there will be no military draft reinstated under your administration?"

Would that do the job?

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