April 12, 2004

Best geek ever

Now that Best Week Ever is a certified hit, it's only natural for the backlash to begin. Slate kicks it off today by sniping that "the real joke, of course, is that the pundits who appear on Best Week Ever would kill to be even half as famous as the people they mock." As if people who write for Internet magazines wouldn't kill to be half as famous as TV pundits. (Believe me, I speak from experience.)

Those of us who toil off the air for BWE — if blogging can be considered toil, which it can not — are unscathed by criticism of the panelists, all the more so now that we have a ringer on our team: Ensign Wesley Crusher himself, Wil Wheaton.


Update: Either I'm reading these guys wrong or they're reading me wrong. Either way, let me clarify that as far as I know, Wil is only going to be contributing to the blog; he won't be a panelist.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Now this will be cool. Congrats!

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