April 8, 2004

He had a little trouble with "subvert the dominant paradigm"


So what's the deal with the Subservient Chicken? This Burger King promo site features a guy in a chicken suit who appears to obey commands. We threw some pretty tough ones at him and he seemingly did his best to handle them, meaning that if this is just a bunch of pre-programmed flash movies — the most likely scenario — there are quite a lot of them. SC does various dances and plays air guitar impressively, though he just shrugged off "go pluck yourself."

Too bad he doesn't play tic-tac-toe.

Update: In the comments, Francis points out that boing boing has sussed out the Chicken's secrets. And Xeni has links to all 334 of his moves, with the keywords that set them off. Sometimes, ruining the fun is more fun than the fun itself.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Considering the chicken always returns to the same position after performing a task, it has to be a lot of preset segments. It executed my tasks pretty well, although the keyword-based nature of the parser was made clear when I instructed the chicken, "smash your television", and the chicken watched TV instead.

He'll even suck his toe for you. Nice.

Secrets of the Subservient Chicken Revealed!


Now the chicken walks up to the screen and scolds you by shaking his finger if you click ANY of the 334 links provided by Xeni!

Five will get you ten the site will be down within a week due to abuse.

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