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April 7, 2004

But we won't let that get in the way of using an awesome stock photo!

Daniel Radosh


CNN.com's head says "no story here," but its heart says, "cute kids in danger!"

Hey, the ice cream's not going to be marketed to Sports Illustrated swimsuit models either. Couldn't you have run a photo of one of them?


Hmmm... Baskin Robbins still makes not one, but two cocktail-flavored flavors of ice cream:

Daiquiri Ice (1962)
Ice flavored with lime juice and rum extracts.

Margarita Ice (1993)
The tangy taste of refreshing margarita.

Oh right - this is the U.S., we only care about "drugs."

On a related note, a friend just came back from Europe and is giving out chocolates branded with the "Finlandia" name which, when you bite into them, let loose actual vodka. No, not some gooey alcohol-like matter, but vodka. That makes for an interesting morning in the office.

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