April 6, 2004

Well, you see, there were these Jews...


Shouldn't the coverline of this week's Time really begin with, "Mommy,"?

(Here's the answer Time won't give you.)

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I am SO glad I don't sneak a peak at your site while at work- I'd have such a hard time explaining to the residents the not one but two spluttering peals of gut-laughter. And if the question should begin with "Mommy," shouldn't the answer begin with, "Well, Billy," or Timmy or whatever?

Next week in Time, a breaking report on why so many bad things kept happening to King Lear.

I did almost go with "sweetie," but I didn't want to get, you know, silly.

or, "Hows my hair"? Jesus never looked so metrosexual and manorexic.

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