April 1, 2004

Aren't they, though?


If you tuned into VH1's Hot Couples 2004 yesterday and wondered why I had so little screen time (about half what fuckin' Choire got) and why I was so unfunny (no, I mean, much less than usual), I can explain.

Since taping the show I've learned that there's a certain attitude that VH1 feels works on this kind of program: relentlessly positive. On Best Week Ever, the show for which I'm a parttime blogger, this approach is played for laughs, but it's still played. I could have done that. Indeed, I earned my most extensive airtime by pronouncing Kirsten and Jake "the most adorable couple in the world." But for the most part, I did my sardonic disaffected thing and while that got some laughs out of the producers and crew, none of it made it on the show.

Well, I shouldn't say none of it. There were a few times where Hot Couples used my setups, and then cut me off before the punchline. For instance, at one point I say something about how Ashton and Demi are going to invite Bruce Willis to their wedding. And then I'm not heard saying that Bruce is going to get drunk and insist on performing with the wedding band as Bruno. Sometimes they cut out my jokes even when they weren't mean. I forget who it is that supposedly cited "scheduling conflicts," as the reason for their breakup, but on the show I say, "Who breaks up over scheduling conflicts?" Which was supposed to be the lead-in to, "It's not you, it's my Friday at 3:00."

Oh wait, that's not funny. No wonder they cut it.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The Greek chick (forgot her name, but maybe it was Debbie Somethingtopolis) stole all your air time.

You're being way to kind. Choire got an assload of airtime and seemed to be doing some kind of voice impersonation of a stereotypically mean gay dude though most of his segments. However, it was a good show even though I also believe that VH1 skewed a little to the fanboy side.

What do you mean "impersonation"?

Heh. Listen, ladies, I am JUST. THAT. GAY. Get used to it. MOVE OVER, CARSON! MY WRISTS ARE LIMPER THAN YOURS. Ah, Christ, kill me now.

The adjectival definition of gay is, " offering fun and gaiety; 'a gala ball after the inauguration'; 'a festive (or festal) occasion"; 'gay and exciting night life'; 'a merry evening'"

If VH1 is looking for upbeat, then VH1 is looking for gay.

Wait -- VH-1 cut your airtime and you think that this is a BAD thing? Oh that's right, I live in 1961.

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