March 26, 2004

Music Club wants to party all the time


Local acts were out in force for Music Club's session on songs about parties, with both Life in a Blender and Little Gray Books troubadour Jonathan Coulton getting nods. In other willful obscurity news, Francis had to go and inflict one of his annoying bootlegs on us (it's not as good as the original of either), and I got around the obviousness of All Tomorrow's Parties by bringing the demo version (a combination of takes 1 and 3 if you must know) from the 1995 box set.

So, let's get this party started:

1. Joe Logic — Pinkarama (Pink's "Get This Party Started" vs. the theme
to Futurama)
2. Hank Williams Jr. — All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight
3. Etta James — In the Basement, Pt. 1
4. The B-52's — Love Shack
5. Eminem — My Fault
6. The Dismemberment Plan — You Are Invited - Rose
7. The Velvet Underground — All Tomorrow's Parties (demo)
8. Jonathan Coulton — I'm Having a Party
9. Oingo Boingo — Dead Man's Party
10. Desmond Dekker and the Aces — Intensified Festival 68
11. Life in a Blender — Party Soon
12. Nat King Cole — The Party's Over

Next month's theme is foreign-language songs. This one's tricky in a different way: how do you narrow it down? Like many people, I went through a bit of a world music phase in college, so I've got plenty of ideas and won't, for a change, seek suggestions. But since I have these comments now, why not let everyone know if the club overlooked your favorite party song?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


How in the wide, wide, world of "Tom bo li de say de moi ya yeah, jambo jumbo" could you not include a little Lionel? There was a guy who could party all night long.

Oh, sure, ask me to host Music Club and then harsh on my *backup* song. That's gratuity for you. Anyway, when I get back home from Boston on Sunday night I'll post the mash-up for people to download and then people may decide its annoyingness for themselves.

I tell you, lists like these, they just remind me of way back in high school when my pop caught me smoking, and he said "No way!" But that hypocrite smoked two packs a day! Man, living at home was such a drag. Then my mom threw away my best porno mag. Busted!

I had to fight. For my right. To party.

As promised, that song can be downloaded here:


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