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September 18, 2002

For the second time in

Daniel Radosh

For the second time in recent months I only learned that People had published one of my book reviews because Anne saw a copy at her doctor's office (she says). So, sorry. Although I know you're dying to read what I thought of Carl Hiaasen's Hoot, the issue is off the stands and not online. Try your doctor's office.

I gave it a good review. Unless it was severely edited. Actually, these things almost never are. Kyle does a fine job compressing my prose without ruining it, which is why I don't particularly care if he doesn't tell me when something comes out. (The creaky payroll dept. is another story.) Also, he's agreed to only offer me really short books, since I hate to spend two weeks reading a book I'm not very interested in just so I can spend half an hour writing about it. Next up: the reissue of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. 240 pages

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