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November 13, 2002


Daniel Radosh

Wanna try some illegal art? It's free... Carrie has put together a tremendous art exhibition/film festival/CD of works that use copyrighted material without permission. New Yorkers can catch the festivities, including parties, screenings, and a panel discussion with Mark Hosler of Negativland and others, at various locations around town. Here's the screening schedule. And here, for out-of-towners or those too lazy to leave their apartments, are the same films online, including the famous Todd Haynes' Superstar — posted, of course, without permission. The CD of notorious copyright infringing music will be given out at all events. Or you can download it. The videos, art and song are pretty enjoyable in and of themselves, but, If you want to, like, think about all this a little more, the new issue of Stay Free! is devoted to the same subject.

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