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December 17, 2002

Eminem makes Steve Earle look

Daniel Radosh

Eminem makes Steve Earle look like Toby Keith: Why hasn't anyone noticed? Here's an advance look at my piece on the most gleefully unpatriotic artist of the year, and his utter failure to generate outrage from the culture cops. It will also appear in the next issue of Radical Society, the smashing journal of politics, academia, and pop culture that for many years was a much more tired journal of politics, politics, and more politics called Socialist Review. Gina Sue and her colleagues revived and renamed it, and have created a smart, fun, thought-provoking publication that gives voice to a genuinely diverse mix of left-leaning opinion. Apparently you can request a free copy. I'm not sure if there's some criteria you have to meet to get one, but it's well worth trying.

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