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December 17, 2002

Only Correct. A couple of

Daniel Radosh

Only Correct. A couple of weeks ago, The New York Times threw a little holiday party for everyone who had contributed to its op-ed page this year. I mostly hid in a corner with Tim. The problem was the tiny name tags, which meant you had to lean in and squint to see if the person was someone you wanted to meet, which further meant that even if it wasn't, you had to talk to them a bit just to be polite, since if you didn't, they would know that you had only been checking out their name tag to see if they were important. Anyway, I exchanged a few words with Bob Wright, and I wanted to tell him that I thought he'd written the most important essay of the year, but in a panic, I thought maybe someone else had actually written it, and how humiliating would it be to say something like that and get it wrong.

I also had a nice conversation with Rick Brookhiser, whom I'd met many years ago, and his utterly charming wife, Jeanne Safer. And by "utterly charming," I mean, of course, that she complimented something I'd written. In fact, something I'd written ages ago, and had pretty much forgotten: a 1995 installment of my New York Press column Knee Jerk, which was the column that I started writing after I burned out on the decidedly more popular Eight Days. And today I realized that the column Jeanne liked so well just happened to be one of the few that I still have on my computer. So herewith, a look at The New York Times corrections page, circa 1995.

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