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January 2, 2003

Blogs: The Newest New Journalism.

Daniel Radosh

Blogs: The Newest New Journalism. Somewhat lukewarm off the press, this Briefing is my attempt to explain blogs to the readers of The Week. Mocking clueless print publications that try to delve into the mysteries of the Internet is a venerable tradition, so to the extent that I expect any responses to this piece, I expect them to be flames. Fair enough, but keep in mind a few points. This article is written for people who 1) may know virtually nothing about blogs (hard to believe, but they're out there), 2) want to know enough to get by, but expect a lot of possibly important information to be sacrificed for the sake of a fun, quick read (so, for instance, I name check Blogger as the most important DIY blogging tool, without going into its predecessors and competitors), and 3) are news junkies, and therefore primarily interested in blogs as they pertain to politics and punditry (the Briefing is intentionally weighted toward war blogs; when I say things like pre-9/11 blogs were "rarely controversial or newsworthy," I mean "to readers like you"). Now, flame on.

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