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January 15, 2003

We We're Gonna Go With Women For The Right To Kill Pre-Viable Human Life, But The Domain Name Was Taken.

Daniel Radosh

"In criticizing Naral's new name, Ken Connor, president of the conservative Family Research Council, accused the group of wanting to 'isolate the rhetoric from the reality.' He is correct. The abortion-rights movement should be honest. Legal abortion kills pre-viable human life. But the rights of a pre-viable human life should not take precedence over the rights of a woman." -- Peggy Loonan in a New York Times Op-Ed, arguing that the National Abortion Rights Action League should not have changed it's name to Naral Pro Choice America, because that disingenuously makes "the issue about choice, and not rights," in order to win over moderates. The name of Loonan's organization: Life and Liberty for Women.

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