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January 15, 2003

Please, Evan, try to remember the cover story.

Daniel Radosh

Kevin writes: "I caught my first hilarious minutes of Joe Millionaire last night. Joe (who is not a model) is showing the fake butler the clothes he brought with him (plain ol' plaid shirt and jeans) and when fake butler holds the pants up you see that they're torn to shreds. "Yeah, I got them caught in a combine," Joe says. Um, Joe: You're a construction worker. You're not a farmer. Construction worker."

There's something weird going on with this show (I mean, beyond the fact that we're all watching it). In that same sequence, for instance, it was a little odd that the clothes are the same ones he's wearing in the intro shots of him driving the bulldozer. Could costuming not spring for a second flannel shirt, maybe in blue? My theory is that after the reveal in the final episode, when the chosen lass agrees to date Joe even though he is 1) just a construction worker, and 2) dumb as a fucking stump, he's going to reveal that in fact he really is a millionaire after all (and, if he's faking the dumb as a fucking stump part too, the world's greatest actor).

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