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January 23, 2003

Bob Dylan: The Motion Picture.

Daniel Radosh

Bob Dylan: The Motion Picture. "It will be a very Todd Haynes kind of approach," says Haynes. "It won't be a traditional biopic by any stretch of the imagination, which is why Dylan has agreed to it and has given me permission to do it. It's the first time he's done that for any film that's related to his life in any way. It will be refracted into seven different characters, who are all aspects of Bob Dylan standing in for parts of his life."

I was underwhelmed by Far From Heaven, but this sounds like it'll be more along the lines of Velvet Goldmine, Haynes' freaky, fabulous riff on David Bowie. Is it too early to buy tickets?

Naturally, Music Club is on the case. Check back after February 9th for our casting picks, and submit your own.

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